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We are engaged!

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After 9 years it’s finally official: Koen and I are engaged! Last Thursday Koen went on his knees during our flight to New York. Of course I said yes! I really didn’t expect it at that moment and still hardly can’t believe it!

Business class

As part of the surprise, Koen arranged businessclass tickets instead of economy class. I didn’t know about this until we entered the plane and were guided to row 2 instead of row 35. Koen knew I wanted to fly businessclass one day (bucketlist thingie) and said he booked business class with the mindset of ‘let’s just experience it for once’. I was so impressed by the luxury of business class that I didn’t think for a minute it would be part of something bigger.

The flight went by super fast thanks to the enjoyable businessclass. When we entered the plane, they served champaign and freshmade orange juice. During our flight we got to pick a three course menu (twice!). We had a lot of space and thanks to our recliner seats we were able to lie flat, which made sleeping amazingly comfortable.

Do you wanna marry me?

At the end of our flight, only one hour left, I saw Koen talking with a flight attendant. He gave her our cameras, turned it on and asked me to stand up. At that moment I was in complete (positive) shock, I didn’t expect he would propose at that moment. He said some sweet words, went on his knees and showed me the ring. Between tears I said yes and Koen put the pretty ring on my finger.

Then we received many congratulations from the KLM crew and people that were sitting around us. Even the pilots came to our seats. We received champaign and a gift bag from the KLM crew. The last 45 minutes of the flight we were ‘in the sky’ and didn’t have eye for anything else than each other. Koen told me all about his sneaky arrangements such as talking to our parents, picking a ring, getting the ring on board unnoticed, arranging businessclass and working together with the crew.

We’re still enjoying our ‘engagement trip’ through New York and the Niagara Falls. Friday we will arrive at our appartment in Maryland for the next adventure!

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