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We are going to the USA, Wij gaan op vakantie naar Amerika

We’re going to the United States!

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Finally, 2018 has started! A year that promises to be exciting with many changes I am looking forward to. Also regarding traveling. We often get asked: ‘and, where will your next trip go to? Do you already have new travel plans?’. After months of preparations I can finally tell you our plans: in 2018 we are going to the United States for a few months! We will be leaving in less than two weeks and we will return somewhere in April. A promising start of the new year!

We’re going to the United States for both work and travel. The Dutch company Koen works for has an office in Maryland, USA and encourages exchange between the two locations. A few of Koen’s colleagues have worked there before and were very enthousiastic. It has always been my dream to live and work in America and Koen really likes the idea of going abroad. Also, it’s a perfect moment to do it now, as I started working for myself and can easily go with him.

Living and working in Maryland

First we’re going to travel a bit. We will fly to New York, rent a car and travel through New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Maryland. After our tour we stay in Silver Spring, Maryland for a while. Silver Spring is about 30 minutes by car from Washington D.C. The office Koen is going to visit is located in Rockville, Maryland, which is a half hour drive from our apartment. I can continue with my crochet activities from ‘home’.

Traveling and having fun

We will make good use of our free time in the States. Besides the fact that it is already a party to wake up in the States every day, we are planning a lot of weekend trips. Trips to Washington D.C., Richmond, Baltimore, Charlottesville, Philadelphia and Orlando (by plane) are already on the schedule. Also, the last 2/3 weeks of our USA adventure we will go on a big tour again. We haven’t planned a destination yet as we’re hoping to find some cheap flight deals. Fingers crossed for a good price to Hawaii!

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