Signing for our very first house 2018

We bought a house!

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Koen and I bought our very first house! We’ll stay in the same area as where we live now, which is close to Koen’s work. We both preferred a newly built house and fortunately for us there’s plenty of choice here as they’re building many new residential areas. They will start building our house in January 2019 and it is expected to be ready one year later.

Better to hurry up

For years we already had the desire to buy a house. However, I was still in paid employment at that time and I did not know what I wanted to do in the future. I always thought I would end up somewhere in the western part of the country. Koen’s company is located in the middle/eastern part of the country, which is an hour away from Amsterdam (without traffic jams). We just didn’t know what would be a practical place to settle down. This is not a problem anymore, as I started my own company earlier this year.

When we came back from the USA last April, the conversation of buying a house came back up again. We started searching online, but didn’t really take action yet. When we were told that home loan interest rates are going up next year, we actively started approaching brokers and visiting open days.

It went so fast

The whole process went very fast: at the end of July we showed interest in a house, one week later we got an option on the house, that same month, at the end of August, everything was arranged. The agreements were signed and we could start thinking about the details and construction work.

We had to hand in our wishes and decisions before November 1st, such as the extra options and the design of the bathroom & kitchen. It was quite a lot of work as many decisions had to be made in such a short time. We were on the road every weekend to look for kitchens, but we managed to arrange everything in time. For now we’ll have some rest, next year we will focus on the other details such as electricity, walls and floors.

Looking forward to next year

We are very grateful that everything went so fast and we hope next year will be as smooth as this year. ♥

Happy with our new bathroom & kitchen!Signing for bathroom and kitchen Van Wanrooij

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