Wilma Westenberg - Facial infiltrating lipomatosis, ultra rare condition tumor in cheek

Diagnosed after 22 years of searching

For more than 22 years I have been living with the consequences of a visible tumor in my cheek while I did not even know what I had. And I can tell you, it feels very lonely to be ‘the only one in the world’ with this rare condition and unique appearance. I gave up hope for help years ago, but hoped to get answers to my questions one day. In 2017 I did a second opinion, got diagnosed and was no longer alone.

We are going to the USA, Wij gaan op vakantie naar Amerika

We’re going to the United States!

Finally, 2018 has started! A year that promises to be exciting with many changes I am looking forward to. Also regarding traveling. We often get asked: ‘and, where will your next trip go to? Do you already have new travel plans?’. After months of preparations I can finally tell you our plans: in 2018 we are going to the United States for a few months! We will be leaving in less than two weeks and we will return somewhere in April. A promising start of the new year!

frozen winter bun hat crochet blogger patterns

I quit my jobs

Hello all! It has been a while since my latest blog post. Time for a personal update! I have some super exciting news to share. As of January first I quit my jobs to start for myself. Next year I will focus full time on designing crochet patterns and running my blog(s). This is work that can be done from home and therefore easy to combine with some traveling, something I will do a lot next year, more about that later this week!