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I quit my jobs

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Hello all! It has been a while since my latest blog post. Time for a personal update! I have some super exciting news to share. As of January first I quit my jobs to start for myself. Next year I will focus full time on designing crochet patterns and running my blog(s). This is work that can be done from home and therefore easy to combine with some traveling, something I will do a lot next year, more about that later this week!

For the last two years I was quite busy. I worked part-time, finished a full time master of science and worked on my blog I only had limited time to work on my blog – mostly evenings and weekends – and I wasn’t able to create and publish as much patterns as I wanted. But nevertheless things worked out great. I achieved higher numbers, website visitors and collaborations than I hoped for and later in 2017 this crazy hobby of mine got out of hand. So I decided to create more time next year and focus full time on my crochet blog!

Today was my last working day at ECP – a very special day actually because I was at a conference in Swiss, so nice! – and last week I had my last day of work at KeyGene. At both organizations I worked two days a week during the past year, which I found a nice, varied combination. The last three years I have learnt a lot at KeyGene’s communication and PR department and almost two years at ECP’s communications department. My work mainly focused on managing websites, social media and organizing events.

I will certainly miss my colleagues, but I am also looking forward to my next adventure! First I am going to enjoy the holidays and then it’s time to enjoy the entrepreneurship!

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