About me


My name is Wilma Westenberg, I’m 23 years old and the face behind the blog wilmade.com. I was born in the Netherlands and currently live on the German border. I have been together with my boyfriend Koen since 2008. September 2016 I graduated from the University of Twente where I got my Master of Science in Communication New Media.

Establishing this website

I started my personal website when I went to high school at the age of 12. I liked making websites and needed a serious topic to write about. As I got the same questions about my illness a few times a day, I decided to make a website on which I could tell my story for once and for all. If people would ask me ‘what’s that on your cheek’, I would say ‘just read my website’.

In 2010, I was 15 at that time, my website was nominated for the Gouden @apenstaart (Golden @), an award for ‘best website for children made by children’, which I won. After winning this prize, a lot has changed in a positive way. I got asked for many projects – like the advisory board of Randstad, Kennisnet and ECP – and in 2010 I was asked to give a TED-talk in Amsterdam.

What I do now

Ok, my life gets a little crazy but so exciting! It all started in December 2014 when I picked up a crochet hook to make little christmas trees. I enjoyed making things so much, that I soon started working on other crochet projects. I spent all my free time on creating things and April 2015 I created an Instagram account to share my work. One year later, January 1st 2016, I started my blog wilmade.com on which I share my own crochet patterns. This crazy hobby soon turned into a real business model. As of January 1st 2018 I quit my jobs to focus fulltime on designing, creating, blogging and being an entrepreneur. To be continued!